About Me

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My name is Sergei Reznikov or how I decided to call among divers - Shaman. Inspired by diving, I was not just a dive, I began to feel like a part of the underwater world. And each time plunging into the water I learn something new.


The first time I dived with SCUBA in 1995 since then I didn't leave the desire to plunge under the water again. However, dive regularly I was able only in 2008 when I moved to the city of Sochi. 

      My goal is to teach to dive RIGHT and SAFELY! I love diving and like to share my experiences. I'm not a "dry" instructor and I constantly make technical dives, train and improve my skills, conduct master classes, and organize trips to popular diving resorts.

      Also I'm co-manager at dive-center BSDC    

     I teach diving standards by IANTD - the first system of training technical divers worldwide recognition. 


Welcome to my courses and masterclasses, and you will certainly learn something new, expanding its borders, and be able to get from diving more!


My Instructor levels

- IANTD Normoxic Trimix Instructor 

- IANTD Sidemount Instructor 

- IANTD Freediver Instructor 



- NSS-CDS Basic Cave Diver

- IANTD eCCR Megalodon Diver (a closed cycle of rebreathing) 

- TDI Advanced Trimix Diver (using Helium mixture) 

- PADI Divemaster (maximum recreational level) 

- Side Mount Diver (side mounting tanks)


- IANTD Open water freediver 


- TDI Gasblender (blending gases mixtures)