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Intro dive

      If you have never submerged under water with SCUBA and want to do it! Then you are on the right way :) We will arrange for you and your friends and family an exciting underwater adventure, which will long be remembered and will be something to tell to your friends or relatives! 

      Well, if you enjoy diving so much that you want to continue your acquaintance with the underwater world, then we are pleased to offer to you diving training! After you'll finish it you'll be able to dive with SCUBA diving and discover new underwater worlds!

      Anyone can to participate in the underwater excursions, children from 10 years old and with the written parental consent.

      To make a tour you should to be healthy and have no problems with the cardiovascular system and want to dive under the water :)


The cost of all activities 2 500 rubles.

      The whole program is a intro dive will take you about 3 hours. During this time, you will get the instruction, get acquainted with the equipment, learn how to clean the mask and breathing apparatus from the water without surfacing, we will be able to communicate under water by means of signs.

       We will choose the equipment for your size and we'll tell you how it works.

       We will take the dive boat and go to the sunken vessel, which lies on a 10m depth of 400m from the shore. There you will see with your own eyes, as it has been preserved, we will be able to feed the fish and collect shells.

      And in order for you to not only tell, but also to show how you've dived we can take photos underwater or make short video clip lasting about 5 minutes.


Photos 20-30 pc. on CD-R - 500 rubles.

A video about 5 minutes - 2000 rubles.

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